Jersey Barriers

Tiger Barriers Inc. is an innovator in plastic jersey barrier design after years of studying and testing numerous designs we have developed a barrier that meets or exceeds the requirements needed in the field. Our jersey barriers are both versatile and durable! Our inventory includes over 5000 plastic jersey barriers in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Weighing approximately 80 LBS Empty there easy to set up or move around a job site, 2 workers can easily set up 800 LF plus in a day, once filled with water, the weight can go to 650 LBS. making them

an EXTREMELY!! stable longitudinal channelizing device  (LCD).

Jersey Barrier Pin

This is used to join barriers together when barriers are being used by themselves.

3 Inch by 8 FT Steel Pipe

This is used to join the barriers together and also hold fencing above the barrier at the same time.

Barrier Fencing

This is a custom made chain-link fence panel. Made to fit atop of your barrier and accomplish an 8FT overall

height. Barrier Fence Hardware Kit. This is a set of the nuts, bolts, clamps, needed to attach fence panels to the pipe.

Barrier Fence Screening

This is a cloth screening most comely in a dark green color. It offers privacy to the job site and it is very popular. It attaches with zip ties through the pre-installed grommets on the screening.

Flashing Safety Lights

Our barriers are pre-made to accommodate a flashing safety light. Not all sites require them but if you find yourself in need of them we have them.